Make Decisions, On Demand

Retail data warehouse

No matter what the data source, we can process it

Cross-industry studies reveal the shocking conclusion that 80% of analysts' time is spent simply discovering and preparing data (reference What's Your Data Strategy?, Harvard Business Review May-June 2017).

Datitude does all of this for you, automatically, each and every day.  Behind the scenes, we've built an incredibly fast data warehouse, using market-leading service providers for on-demand scale. Your core data sources are integrated and processed here, with Datitude managing security and reliability. Job done.

  • Truly Massive Scale at the Speed of Thought

    We use Amazon Redshift and Tableau as our foundation technologies. It gives us a data warehouse and analytics solution that allows business users to analyse datasets on the fly, even across billions of rows

  • Data Governance Curation

    Your disparate data is modelled, curated and catalogued. You can be confident in your organisation's consistent use of data analysis, without your teams having to worry about its source and provenance

  • Compliance and Audit

    Customer records can easily be found, retrieved for data access requests, and/ or removed with confidence. We can even tell you which source systems provided them

The Datitude Platform

On Demand Business Intelligence

Pre-configured retail and e-commerce analytics means you quickly get the benefit of understanding your data. We use Tableau, the market leading data analysis platform. We've worked with Tableau for many years and appreciate its leading-edge capabilities as well as its extensive development roadmap.

  • Platform Scope

    The suite of reports includes everything a finance head, merchandiser, e-commerce head or marketeer could need. Bespoke KPI reports are easily created to sit alongside our standard workbooks. These include year-on-year sales analysis, customer database growth, CRM reporting and returns analysis

  • Tableau's features

    Our Tableau workbooks allow people to see and understand their data. Standard Tableau features include personalisation of views, subscriptions, filters, data extracts, favourites, and search

  • Datitude and CRM

    Datitude is a dream for marketers, allowing you to understand direct marketing performance. With configurable RFM segmentation as standard, marketers can easily understand and improve their campaign ROIs. Naturally, the Platform holds a single view of the customer across all your channels and provides analysis of both online and offline campaigns

The Datitude Application

Our own proprietary application

We've engineered our own proprietary application to allow you to interact with your data.

  • Super fast data extracts

    The App allows you to select data and download it for further analysis in excel or upload it into other systems (such as email addresses into your Email Service Provider).  Security is inbuilt, with extracts available only to logged-in users and with full audit capability.

    There are just three stages to create extracts: firstly, chose the grouping for your data (are you interested in customers, orders or even the detail of order lines?), next define your data set and finally chose the fields you'd like to extract. Your data extract can be created using one or more of > 250 fields to slice your data.

  • Management of Reference Data

    The App provides a user-friendly interface for the management of reference data.  Reference data are essentially look-up tables, usually held in spreadsheets and updated infrequently, and examples are budgets, exchange rates and physical store addresses.  Using the App, this data can be uploaded, amended or deleted in a few mouse clicks.

  • Management of Direct Mailing Campaigns

    For retailers running direct mailing campaigns, the App provides a number of valuable tools. It is simple to search for a mailing record for GDPR data access requests.  And it’s easy to suppress customers and prospects if required, with full audit history should you ever need to provide proof.