Best Practice for Automated Email Welcome Campaigns from Oliver Bonas

Oliver Bonas has an excellent email welcome campaign for new subscribers and we thought it worth sharing with you. It's not often we see nursery programmes executed so well; we were impressed.

Not only are the tone of voice and creative execution on brand, but the series of four emails follows a clear path to build engagement and drive sales.  

Email #1 - You're In

This first email was delivered on sign up.  It's called 'You're in', and confirms you’ve successfully subscribed and the benefits to being a subscriber.

Sign up email screenshot

Email #2 - Here's £5 Off

This followed just a few minutes later and is a clear attempt at creating a sale with a discount code to tempt you to purchase.  

Discount email screenshot

Email #3 - You're New Here

Three days after signing up, this email landed, introducing the subscriber to the breadth of the product range.

Product range email screenshot

Email #4 - Feeling Social?

And finally, six days after signing up, this email introduced all OB's digital channels, attempting to drive engagement across them all.

Digital channels email screenshot

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