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Data driven retailing

We're here to help retailers get value out of their data

Welcome to Datitude. Datitude is an on-demand platform that helps multi-channel retailers make sense of their data.  We integrate your important data into our secure data warehouse, and turn it into valuable intelligence, insight and action.  Imagine effective, easy-to-understand charts and reports, allowing you and your team to make the right decisions to drive sales, margins and profit.

Retail Data Warehouse

Our data warehouse is at the heart of the Datitude Platform.  We've built it from the ground up to be fast, scaleable and secure.  And, should you wish to, we can give you access to our data warehouse to connect to your data directly.

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Datitude Platform

The Platform is configured as standard with a suite of reports and charts, all highly relevant to multi-channel retail.  Business intelligence is at your fingertips, with trading data refreshing as frequently as you wish.

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Datitude App

Our proprietary application allows you to create bespoke data queries and extract data on the fly. It is engineered for phenomenal speed, with a typical 3 million row extract taking less than 21 seconds.

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"Having worked with Datitude for the last three years, I would highly recommend both the Platform and the team. Working with the tool has given us a true customer perspective and ability to both plan and trade tactically at a customer level..."

Charlotte Clutterbuck
Customer Director

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"I couldn’t recommend these guys enough and am more than happy to make an intro. They’re a great partner to us and a really dedicated team run it; they’re really flexible and its good value for us versus the competition."

Briony Garbett
Customer Director

"I think the fact we have been able to create clear and concise dashboards in a relatively short space of time is brilliant. Your team have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to get the data in order and presented in a fashion which works for our business."

Laura Boyd
Omnichannel Director